Grading and Homework Philosophy

Elementary School

Because so much of a child's development and learning takes place outside of the academic classroom in his/her relationships with family, friends, neighbors, the community, and the natural world, we have a no academic homework policy for grades K-2. Instead, parents are asked to read to their children, approximately 15 minutes per night from the current school-wide or class literature program.  Students are also asked to prepare for school assemblies and performances.  Students who miss school due to illness or vacation will be asked to do homework, if needed, in order to catch up. 

2nd Grade: Students may be asked to read at home on their own in addition to parent reading.

3rd-5th Grade:  Homework will be introduced in third or fourth grade, at the discretion of the teacher.  This homework may include reading, researching, working on projects, and doing general academic subject work in French, Spanish, spelling, and math.  From 3rd - 5th grades, homework, is still minimal.

No grades are given from K-5.  Throughout elementary school there will be two parent teacher conferences per year. 

Middle School

In preparation for high school admittance and success, 6th - 8th grade students will receive grades and there will be regular homework across the classes which will be on the students' transcripts.

Students who choose to do private lessons or an independent study with an advisor will be expected to do practice or work at home, as meetings with the instructor will be only once or twice per week.