It goes without saying that our students acquire proficiency in one or two world languages. In addition to this core program goal, Heartwood Grove School also provides students with opportunities and learning experiences to connect with and understand the world. 

Students K-8 connect with the world through global celebrations such as our World Culture Potluck and annual Irish Tea.  All students have the opportunity to connect with groups from around the world through field trips to the Richmond Portal; one of about 40 portals world-wide, and through occasional skype sessions with students, journalists, or teachers in Madrid and Guatemala. 

Global Curriculum


Lower School

Our elementary students participate in World Cultural Studies in every grade, spending on average, six weeks studying a country or region of the world.  This study is done in the target language and in English, and extends into art and world literature. 


Middle School

All Middle School students take World Religions, participate in Middle School Model United Nations and /or World Peace Games, and have opportunities for affordable international travel. During our 2020, 4th quarter Distance Learning program we are visiting international museums through virtual tours and participating in international  city tours with local guides.