COVID-19 Response

We are Still Enrolling for Fall 2020

We are dedicated in our commitment to the global effort of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though currently unable to hold lessons in person, we are continuing our curriculum through dynamic distance learning. 

Language immersion learning, including math in Spanish, French, and German are being offered at this time through distance learning. Afternoon English and Humanities also continue. We have added private lessons and evening story time to our offerings. 

During this time, we are flexible with families, allowing them to choose how many distance learning classes are best for their children on a day to day basis.  We are happy to meet with students, individually, when possible, and to arrange either to make up classes, or excuse them.

We feel it is most important at this time to take care of yourselves, including keeping a check on your mental well-being.

We encourage our students, parents, and community members to help mitigate the spread through safe social distancing. 

We cannot wait to see you.  We miss you greatly.